About Deanna Sgro


Meet Deanna!

Deanna Sgro is a candidate for the City of Toronto Council ward of Humber River – Black Creek. She is a practicing lawyer and leader in the community who actively devotes her time to a multitude of causes. Sgro believes giving back to the community is one of the most important acts a true leader can practice and some of these causes include raising money for Mackenzie Health Hospital, donating her time to not for profit organizations and for Law Help Ontario to provide free legal services to those who cannot afford a lawyer.

Sgro was born and raised in Toronto by her mother Judy Sgro and her father. She attended local schools graduating from Madonna High School, York University and Osgoode Law School. Here she earned both a law degree and Masters of Law which are just two of her many accomplishments. She is married to Lou and they are proud parents of two children, Greg and Irma. Sgro and her husband, Lou also a lawyer born and raised in Toronto have a home in Humber River Black Creek.

Sgro is a proactive leader who wants to initiate real change that will benefit everyone in the community. Sgro believes we have a real challenge with quality affordable housing.  She wants more from the city, Toronto Housing Authority, the province and the federal government and she believes she can work with all levels of government.  For families and young children, she is aiming to improve community services, parks and community centers.  For far too long investment has gone to other areas of the city.  More is needed for our youth and seniors.  For seniors in the community, Sgro wants to see snow removal for those who live at home without help. Sgro also believes in transit expansion for more accessibility throughout the city for everyone. Part of this goal was accomplished through government collaboration and in December 2017 we saw the results with the new TTC extension, providing quick access from Union Station to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. More is needed and Sgro supports this.

Deanna knows community comes first and will use her advocacy skills and knowledge to fight for every member of Humber River Black Creek.